Nichelle Nichols Star Trek


"I have admired your work on the Enterprise since I first saw it." --- Michael Hekking, Tampa FL

For your two throusand dollar premium you will receive an original signed airbrush pearl "Aztec" panel by Paul, signed by him that will make a stunning framed piece in your home. Paul will create these panels three months after we secure premises and tool up for the rebuild, so you'll have to have some patience to receive your original piece of art. They will be made from the same pearlescent paints Paul will use on our refit Enterprise, using the same friskets (stencils) and the same airbrush on the same material Jim will use for the saucer.

PLUS: IMMORTALITY!!! Your name on the Scroll of Honor FIRED from the Enterprise onto the Scroll of Honor in bold type (with sound effects) every time your name comes up! AND your name etched on the Golden Scroll to be placed inside the Enterprise in a ceremony for the media and included in the feature documentary---AND, your credit in the credit rollup of the documentary!!! Fame at last! For Phase Two contributors only!
Click here for more info on Paul's book, "Creating the Enterprise"

Starship Enterprise Aztec Panel
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