Nichelle Nichols Star Trek


"I just finished reading your book - and WOW! What a wonderful read." --- Aaron Lam, Ontario

We will send you a printable file of your snazzy Project Enterprise Charter Member Hall of Fame Certificate along with instructions to obtain the best result from your printer. In addition to your Membership Certificate and Hall of Fame Facebook membership, you will receive a 325-page expanded October 2015 PDF ebook of Paul’s “Creating the Enterprise” that can be read on any device, plus access to over 5 hours of exclusive interviews of the team and over 100 photos and privileged information that pertains to events in the book and several web pages of other goodies. You will “meet” many of the characters in the book, enhancing greatly your reading experience.

PLUS: IMMORTALITY!!! Your name on the Scroll of Honor! For Phase Two contributors only!
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