We will hold the unveiling ceremony in the forecourt of the famous Grauman's Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard, recalling the grand tradition of Hollywood spectacular premiers of the 30's, complete with searchlights, balloons, fireworks, sound effects, and the Goodyear blimp floating above. This will be THE most spectacular "premier" in the history of Hollywood and we expect a huge turnout.

Nichelle Nichols will stand in front of giant curtains across the forecourt and command them to part, revealing to the world the Starship Enterprise in all her splendor and glory, surrounded by her 3-D animated environment designed by Richard Taylor which will take your breath away.
Nichelle will walk towards the viewing platform and crack a bottle of champagne agains the dais to "launch" the USS Starship Enterprise that will tour the world for all her fans to see, and will also appear once again--more maginificent and beautiful than ever--on the Silver Screen.

Nichelle will then invite the public to step up to the viewing platform and have their first up close and personal view of the Starship Enterprise.

Many stars, as well as the Project Enterprise team, will be on hand to sign autographs and have our pictures taken with the fans.

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Can you imagine just how spectacular the Hollywood premier unveiling of the world's most famous and loved movie icon will be?
Let's bring back the Golden Age of movies for one spectacular Star Trek night...

You can help make it happen!

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