Nichelle Nichols Uhura


In order of "appearance"

Gary & Franky Brooker
Being invited to their 40th at Kenney Jones' Hurtwood Park Polo Club
Tony Robinson
Arranging the gig at the Destination Star Trek London 2012 convention
Tom Spindler
From Media 10, who arranged my appearance at Destination Star Trek London 2012 that started the whole ball rolling. Lovely guy, and Media 10 is a great company filled with terrific, helpful people
Printing my book
Mark Stetson
Putting me in touch with Richard Taylor and Jim Dow and helping with his prodigious memory along the way, plus providing the interview venue (food and wine as well) at his salubrious home overlooking Los Angeles
Richard Taylor
Arranging our meet with Jim Dow at the Pacific Dining Car in Santa Monica and designing our logo and background
(as well as the Enterprise, of course!)
...and also designing the stunning display for our Enterprise along with Daren Dochterman
Jim Dow
For joining Richard and me and wanting to recreate the Enterprise...which he originally built in collaboration with Richard and Gene Roddenberry
Ron Gress
Providing additional insights in his interview with Mark Stetson
Boyd Crompton
From TREKWORKS for his ideas, support, and conducting interviews...without Boyd we wouldn't be here
Keeping me company and putting up with a lot whilst chasing phantoms and blind alleys in London
Jessica Gibson
Mucking in and lending her talents with our videos
Beth Pierik
Putting me up in LA in her "girl cave"
Chris Wright
Putting me in touch with Richard Branson
Suzy Pallett
From Media 10, events company who put on Destination Star Trek London...endlessly helpful, professional, and friendly...can never do enough, and I can't thank her enough. But thanks, Suzy! Great company full of friendly people
Hannah Scott
For doing such a great job on our VIP and CREW cards
Mick Willis
Data Image (UK) Ltd., scanning the decal sheet and Richard's drawings and doing a first-class job
Nichelle Nichols
Offering to unveil the Enterprise at Grauman's Chinese Theatre...owned, interestingly enough, by a friend of Richard's!
Creating this beautiful website
Bradley Vaughan
Kingsley Print & Design, printed Richard's Blueprints and our poster
Tobias Richter
For kindly providing Earth/moon visual
Daren Dochterman
For very kindly providing his stunning CGI model of our Enterprise and for working with Richard on the display

And of course, credit to ALL Prime Movers who have helped us get this far
and especially to all of you wonderful Star Trek fans who contribute so we may recreate the magnificent Starship Enterprise much bigger and more beautiful than the first time around.