Nichelle Nichols Star Trek


"Your paint job gave me my love for Star Trek…" --- K.P. McCulley

You will receive a beautifully printed, personalized and signed copy of Paul's 325-page “Creating the Enterprise” which will also include a personalized and signed photo of Paul and Sir Patrick (but not signed by Sir Patrick, sadly!) plus a surprise photo. You also receive a stunning 5” embroidered patch of our logo you can proudly wear to show that you support Project Enterprise and have become a member of our family. You will gain access to over 5 hours of exclusive interviews of the team and over 100 photos and privileged information that pertains to events in the book on several private website pages. You will “meet” many of the characters in the book, enhancing greatly your reading experience.

PLUS: IMMORTALITY!!! Your name on the Scroll of Honor FIRED from the Enterprise onto the Scroll of Honor in bold type (with sound effects) every time your name comes up! For Phase Two contributors only!
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  • Membership Certificate
  • Creating the Star Ship Enterprise
  • Enterprise Patch
  • Patrick Stewart Star Trek
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