Nichelle Nichols Star Trek


"I just finished reading your book - and WOW! What a wonderful read." --- Aaron Lam, Ontario

For two hundred-fifty dollars you will receive a signed and professionally-bound (two ACCO 1-1/4" brass fasteners top and bottom with the middle one missing---old Hollywood tradition) script of Paul's film, "Legacy," which takes off from Paul's favorite Star Trek movie, "The Voyage Home," and features our new refit Enterprise and also introduces great new characters, filled with humor and action in that classic timeline and style we all love. "Legacy" will take you on a delightful adventure you can imagine on the big screen and contains a reveal of the Enterprise that trumps the great reveal from "Star Trek: the Motion Picture." It will knock you out. The Gillian character has a starring role along with Captain Kirk, but wait til you meet Zevog, Rhonda, and Tiara Hamilton! You are in for a Star Trek Treat!

PLUS: IMMORTALITY!!! Your name on the Scroll of Honor FIRED from the Enterprise onto the Scroll of Honor in bold type (with sound effects) every time your name comes up! AND your name etched on the Golden Scroll to be placed inside the Enterprise in a ceremony for the media and included in the feature documentary---AND, your credit in the credit rollup of the documentary!!! Fame at last! For Phase Two contributors only!

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