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“Star Trek fans have always impressed me with their dedication towards preserving the legacy and ideals of the series, and Project Enterprise is no exception. It’s great to see the original movie team committed to physically re-creating the ship that my father, Gene Roddenberry, originally envisioned 50 years ago.”
Rod Roddenberry

Thank you - The Most Beautiful Ship
"Good Evening. A great thank you to Richard, Jim, and yourself for building the most iconic Enterprise in the Star Trek franchise. In my opinion, the refit Enterprise is the most beautiful space ship model ever developed for movies. It has stood the test of time. It must be gratifying to all of you that when you look at different fan sites and Star Trek model makers, the biggest compliment and most requested model is the refit Enterprise. The level of detail incorporated into the model is fantastic. Your work with the paint was fantastic and gave the scope of size and realism to the model. My favorite part of the design is the level of detail given to the nacelles on which Mr. Taylor did a great job. To me it tied all parts of the ship together. I know it was a challenge to paint, but the end result was second to none. Jim showed how great he is at his craft. In this day of CGI, the art of model making has been lost. The level of realism of the refit Enterprise greatly surpasses the CGI model of the so called JJ Enterprise. The biggest mistake of the reboot Star Trek is that they didn't use the perfect design the three of you came up with. In the next few days, I am going to send a small donation to help with the project. I can give a little bit at a time. If you get the word out to the masses, and if every fan of the refit Enterprise gave $20, you would have the funds in no time. I hated the fact that a private collector bought the movie model. Paramount should have treated it with respect and had it fixed for the public. Yours is the Enterprise that people identify with. Not the Next Generation Enterprises, not the JJ Enterprise, but the refit Constitution class is what most people love. Selling to a private collector who obviously does not care about getting it back to its previous glory is a shame. Once again thank you to you three for the excellent work you did with the model. I hope that your new Project Enterprise gets on track and I look forward to seeing the refit Enterprise once again in all its glory. Best Regards"
Phil Barchat, Florida.

Hi Paul,
I want to pause and say that YOU, personally, and your paint job gave me my love for Star Trek… and it had a profound impact on my life. I had a very… rough childhood until I grew big enough to defend myself. Star Trek became my escape, my thing to aspire to be.. I would tell myself, "This is what we can be.. this is what we WILL be.. some day.” Star Trek had a significant role in building my personal moral code. As that code demanded of me, I enlisted as a combat medic serving in an infantry platoon during the Surge in Baghdad. There are men alive today, Iraqi and American, because I was there where others froze up. I carry a terrible burden from my experiences in Iraq yet… real sacrifice of self for those we love is love’s definition.. is it not? I didn’t get that from my parents. I digress…
I now have the fantastic opportunity to introduce my best friend’s young son and daughter to Star Trek. I decided for their first experience to go for the jugular and throw STTMP on the 48in HDTV.. and then.. a few minutes into the movie it happened, just as it happened to me so many years ago. The violins begin to sigh that beautiful melodic motif and stark against space we get our first view of the angelic beauty named Enterprise…….and in that moment, mesmerized before the TV……. they believed.
With regards,
K.P. McCulley

Hi Paul,
The site looks fab and I just saw the article from People Magazine. I hope that it will be a boon and really get things rolling! You guys are the greatest and as more people become aware they will no doubt fully support your efforts. As a fan I have no words to describe how much I appreciate everything that that you have done to keep this going. Never getting discouraged and always keeping it moving ahead at warp speed. You are a rock :) I'm dreaming of the day when I'll be standing there in front of her taking it all in and remembering how it all started. She will be magnificent!
All The Best,
Boyd (Crompton)

Can I broadcast the crap out of what y’all are doing? I told my better half to break out the This is so freaking awesome! This is simply brilliant. This is the best idea / project I have seen in, well, ever....
Bart Stavisky


Hi Paul,
my name is Paul Abboud and I’m a Star Trek modeller. I’ve been following Boyd Crompton for a while now on YouTube and he was the one who turned me onto your book. I just finished it and I must say, it’s amazing. The level of detail in your biographic is uncanny.
I could never remember that much of my own life. I quite enjoyed it.
I also loved the extras on your website and it’s those that I have a couple of questions about.
Again, thank you for such a wonderful read. It was very illuminating.

Hi Paul,
I just finished reading your book - and WOW! What a wonderful read - you've had such an interesting life! Thank you so much for writing such a great memoir. It was so interesting reading about how so many little unexpected circumstances can lead one's life in so many unexpected directions.
You painted (pardon the pun) such an interesting image of life as an artist, and of life in both the States and England. I've always wanted to visit San Francisco and the UK, so hopefully I'll get to travel once my little one gets a bit older (my wife is expecting our first child in 2 months).
I've also been reading a book called "Return to Tomorrow - The Filming of Star Trek: The Motion Picture," which includes older interviews with some of your old colleagues from that film, including James Dow, and your contribution as painter of the Enterprise is mentioned a few times throughout the book.
Once again, thank you for the great read, and I look forward to visiting your various websites and exploring the treasures within!
All the best from the frozen wastes of Canada,

Hi Paul,
Just a brief note to say thank you for your book which arrived safely today. It's a lovely edition and I can't wait to read it all, and further explore your other websites. As my wife mentioned, I am a huge fan. Star Trek The Motion Picture is my all time favourite film. The special effects and most notably the model work is breathtaking and unsurpassed, before or since. Your incredible work of art is a joy to behold and 'The Enterprise' tour in dry dock, magnificently accompanied by Jerry Goldsmiths majestic score, also my all time favourite soundtrack, is a sequence of epic beauty and awe, which enamours me completely with every viewing.
I've been fascinated for years by the dazzling paint effect on the Enterprise. The pearlescent panelling has always been a source of wonder to me, and long before I even knew what the internet was, my souvenir screening programme, album poster insert and old Starlog magazines were the only visual clue I had to painting my own model, which 30 odd years later, I'm still painting one panel at a time. I'm a bit old school and really wouldn't want to do it any other way now.
It's very gratifiying to learn that you have such a great appreciation and that so many others share my affection for your unique craftsmanship and unrivalled masterpiece. I'm thrilled to be corresponding with you and in that small, obscure way, meet the gentleman whom has made such an impression on me. I feel like I've met a piece of my own personal cinema history. The history of The Motion Picture Enterprise makes for fascinating and frustrating reading. Just to imagine how spectacularly the screen would bathe you in her opalescence if she wasn't mishandled so? Yet, in an ironic twist it's the possible thought of what could have been that probably enthuses such interest and the love to restore the magic that was? If The Motion Picture was her crowning glory than there's no doubt that your completed vision will be the glorious jewel in the crown.
I've enjoyed browsing through your websites and was gobsmacked by the breadth of your own. Talk about a life well lived. I particularly enjoyed Kellie and will devote some time to browsing through her thanks. Good luck with the launch and I shall follow the progress of your new site with much anticipation and excitement. Once again, my most ardent admiration and thanks to you and your amazing friends.
'Thataway' and very best wishes for your bold venture.

Hello Paul
I got the book in the mail today. Thank you so very much ! I am headed to the store to purchase a frame for the picture.
It is a real honnor to have them both, I wish you luck in rebuilding the Enterprise, To have her back in all her glory would be a dream come true, That ship to me is a ICON of one man's dream and she derserves a better fate than she got. Please bring her back to the people who love her ! All the best and good luck, Thank you so very much

Hi Paul,
Just a note to say that I read your book and loved it! You have a wonderful writing style that let me feel like you were chatting with me rather than merely telling a story.
I hope you find the owner of the Enterprise and that s/he is willing to let you and the team restore her to her original beauty. In the meantime, your campaign has rekindled a long-dormant desire to attempt to build an enterprise model of my own for the first time since I was a kid (I'm now almost 45 years old). Best wishes and please keep me posted on any progress towards finding Her once again.
Christian Ready

Hello Mr. Olsen!
It's an honor writing to you. Your work on the Enterprise is truly magnificent and inspiring.
I look forward reading your book, and good luck with your project!
Best regards,

Dear Mr. Olsen,
I received your book in perfect condition. Thank you so much for autographing your picture to me. I have admired the work that you did on the Enterprise since I first saw it. I’ve always been amazed at the detail and intricacy of the painting that you did. When we would rent the VHS movie, I would always rewind the fly-by repeatedly and sit close to the television to see as much of the patterns and colors as I could. I watched it on Blu-ray recently, and was stunned at how it was even more beautiful than I had realized. It would be wonderful if you could be part of the possible restoration of the original studio model to bring it back to the state it was in after you first painted it. And thank you for including so many pictures and videos on your website. I have enjoyed watching them and am looking forward to reading your book. Thank you again so much. And may you also live long and prosper.
Michael Hekking