Nichelle Nichols Star Trek


"Hello Paul, thank you for the beautiful work you did on the Enterprise." ---Bruce Koski, MD

For Six Hundred & Fifty Dollars you will receive a THE finest quality Letterman jacket made, with our stunning 11" patch lovingly sewn on the back, and our 5" patch on the front left breast by Project Enterprise fans Doctor Destructo (otherwise known as William Hammond) and his charming wife Linnea in Artesia, New Mexico. Black with natural leather sleeves. This is the classic combination, and the black shows off your patch beautifully.

PLUS: IMMORTALITY!!! Your name on the Scroll of Honor FIRED from the Enterprise onto the Scroll of Honor in bold type (with sound effects) every time your name comes up! AND your name etched on the Golden Scroll to be placed inside the Enterprise in a ceremony for the media and included in the feature documentary---AND, your credit in the credit rollup of the documentary!!! Fame at last! For Phase Two contributors only!
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