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Project Enterprise is a complete program that includes kitting out a secure, dedicated facility from scratch complete with state-of-the-art tools and shop equipment (very expensive), lighting, electrical upgrades, plus a spray booth (also very expensive in California due to air quality controls) to build a show-stopping, stunning Enterprise from start to finish. This alone will take a full two months to set up. In addition to Richard, Jim, and Paul, we will endeavor to bring back everyone we can reach (some have sadly left us) who had a hand in creating our original Enterprise to lay their hands on our new Enterprise and spend some time adding their magic touches, as they did in 1978 and 1979, giving her that extra bit of historical and artistic value and provenance....and expertise.

Here is a list of everyone who worked on the Enterprise at Magicam---some more than others. After the Enterprise left the Magicam shop, Ron Gress (who airbrushed the pale green/blue strongback section), Chris Elliot, and others were added to put the finishing touches on this beautiful spaceship ahead of Paul and his airbrush primed with pearl paints.

Star-Trek The Movie Magicam

This is a huge undertaking that will require the very best in engineering, welding, forming, casting, 3D printing, electronics and lighting, modeling, finishing, and airbrushing all her surface detail so she is PERFECT. This doesn't come cheap when you are working with the very best talent in the world at the very highest level. The Enterprise deserves no less and we are only interested in absolute perfection. Jim Dow, who built the original Enterprise, will be in charge of building our new Enterprise, the only man on the planet capable of such a demanding creation. He is simply THE top modelmaker in the world. At any given time there will be 5 to 8 very skilled and talented people working on her. The build will take 9 months and the finish surface detail airbrushing will take another 8 months, but some of this can be done simultaneously. We have to engineer and build the huge, motorized display, designed by Richard Taylor, in which the Enterprise will float to take the breath out of anyone who sees her. We also have to build a solid flight case for her, her display, electronics consoles, sound, lighting, camera, and tools to protect her as she travels the world.

Richard Taylor will direct a documentary that will catalog every step of the process, from kitting out the shop, bringing on board everyone who worked on her originally, to building and welding the frame, casting and forming all sections of the ship, laying in all her lighting and electronics, assembling her complex skin, detailing her surface so she is absolutely flawless in every detail, then finishing her off with a pearl ball gown that will knock the spots off ANYTHING in the galaxy. Capturing this will require a full time cinematographer and editor, plus the necessary camera, sound, and lighting equipment. We will also need a professional photographer to catalog every step of the process that we will include in a coffee table art book at the end of the build.

Whilst the Enterprise is being built, we fully expect a retinue of A-list stars and directors to visit our bright star of the galaxy, all of whom will be filmed, of course, adding more magic stardust to the proceedings. By the time we finish the Enterprise, the whole world will be waiting to see her, and we plan to unveil her in the very best tradition of showbiz Hollywood Grauman's Chinese Theatre Forecourt on Hollywood Boulevard, complete with searchlights, the Goodyear blimp, balloons, music, stars, and fireworks. The forecourt will be closed off with huge curtains, and amidst all the world's media, Nichelle Nichols will stand in the spotlight and announce to the world that "Thanks to loving Star Trek fans from around the world who have contributed to make this moment happen in the true spirit of everything Star Trek, I have the great honor, privilege, and pleasure to unveil the Starship Enterprise!"

Nichelle will turn towards the curtains and command them to part, as the Enterprise lights up and is revealed for the first time to her fans from all over the planet while the crowd cramming Hollywood Boulevard to overflowing roars its approval as the fireworks light up the sky to the Star Trek Motion Picture theme. Nichelle will then step into the forecourt and smash a bottle of champagne on the Enterprise display as she declares the Enterprise boldly go!

We fully expect the Enterprise's first venue to be a month run at one of Las Vegas' top casinos, and from that point on she will be earning substantial appearance money as she tours the world, as well as appearing in a series of movies Paul has developed for her, with the first script already written. Whatever total funds that Star Trek fans contribute to make the Enterprise a reality, we will turn back into a scholarship fund from her accumulated earnings to enable future model makers to attend Art Center in Pasadena...the foremost art school and industrial design institution in the world---from whence every modelmaker who helped create the original Enterprise graduated---all in the name of the fans who contributed to help us create the new Starship Enterprise.

If we raise a million-plus dollars from the fans, for instance, then that million-plus dollars from the Enterprise's earnings will be donated to set up the Star Trek Enterprise Fan's Scholarship Fund for talented and deserving students to attend Art Center and to keep the ball rolling. You will have made it happen and can be proud to have helped not only recreate the Enterprise for the world and all her adoring fans, but also to enable worthy talent the chance to excel at the finest art school in this quadrant. Isn't this what Star Trek is all about?

Of course it is.

But first we have to build the Enterprise, and for that, as our charming Nichelle says, we need your help...everything flows from that.

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