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Richard Taylor and Jim Dow, who designed and built the original Starship Enterprise in collaboration with the godfather of Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry, for "Star Trek--the Motion Picture," have reunited with Paul Olsen---who airbrushed all her pearl surface detail---to recreate a larger, more beautiful Enterprise through Project Enterprise, as their original has disappeared into private hands, leaving Star Trek without her most enduring, beloved, and important symbol.
As Paul says, "This is a travesty we need to correct while we are still alive and kicking to do it!"
The full story of the team can be found in both the 325 page ebook and printed book - “Creating the Enterprise” . The purchase of either book also gives you complete access to the full website, PLUS EXCLUSIVE revealing video interviews with the designer and builder of the Enterprise...and more! 

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Richard Taylor
Jim Dow
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Starship Enterprise Team

In fact twenty bucks gets you the whole ball of if you want to know the whole story, it will only cost you the $20 for the ebook and you can sleep soundly tonight knowing you have contributed greatly to help us recreate the magnificent Starship Enterprise 50% larger and 200% better than our original! And, you become a Charter Member of the Project Enterprise Hall of Fame with your certificate to prove it! AND...your name will appear on our Scroll of Honor and could even be flashed from the Enterprise itself! Have a look...but ONLY for Phase Two contributors right now!

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